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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Bennett's favorite daughter?

2. According to Wickham, why was he forced to become a foot soldier?

3. Who is Mr. Collin's first choice as a wife?

4. What causes a rift in the friendship between Elizabeth and Charlotte?

5. What does Lydia say to Lord Lucas when he comes bearing news of his daughter's upcoming nuptials?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Darcy say about Elizabeth just after meeting her that wounds her pride?

2. Why does Jane arrive at Netherfield completely drenched when she comes to dine with Caroline Bingley?

3. What does Jane's upsetting letter from Netherfield say after Elizabeth refuses Mr. Collins?

4. Which of the Bennet sisters does Caroline Bingley want to form a relationship with just after meeting them?

5. Why is Miss Bingley so happy to see Elizabeth head home after her stay at Netherfield?

6. What does Mr. Bennet's cousin speak about almost obsessively during his visit at Longbourn?

7. What are Elizabeth's immediate feelings of Mr. Bingley and his sisters when she first meets them?

8. What about Mr. Collins embarrasses Elizabeth during the ball at Netherfield?

9. Why does Elizabeth send for her mother to come to Netherfield after her first day there with Jane?

10. How long have the Bennets been married at the beginning of the book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This book takes place in a few different settings. Describe some of these settings and how they affected the course of the plot. Why might Jane Austen have chosen these particular places for this plot to take place?

Essay Topic 2

Friendship is a strong theme throughout the book. Where are some places that this theme appears, and how do the characters touched by it react? How do certain friendships change over the course of the book, and what causes these changes?

Essay Topic 3

Elizabeth receives three different proposals during the course of this book. Describe each of these events, as well as the reasons for Elizabeth's responses to them. How do these proposals each affect the course of the plot?

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