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Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes an immediate liking to Elizabeth while she dines at Rosings after church one day?

2. Who joins the party at Netherfield in the drawing room on Elizabeth's third night at Netherfield -- much to Mr. Bingley's pleasure?

3. What does Miss Bingley do to show Jane how little their friendship means to her?

4. What does Caroline convince Elizabeth to do while in the drawing room on her third night at Netherfield?

5. How does Elizabeth pass her time while visiting Charlotte at her new house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jane's upsetting letter from Netherfield say after Elizabeth refuses Mr. Collins?

2. Who travels to Hunsford with Elizabeth to visit Charlotte in her new home?

3. What about Mr. Collins embarrasses Elizabeth during the ball at Netherfield?

4. What does Mr. Bennet's cousin speak about almost obsessively during his visit at Longbourn?

5. Why does Mr. Wickham become engaged to Miss King?

6. What does Mrs. Bennet brag about the day after the first meeting with Mr. Bingley?

7. Which of the Bennet sisters does Caroline Bingley want to form a relationship with just after meeting them?

8. Why is Miss Bingley so happy to see Elizabeth head home after her stay at Netherfield?

9. Who does Elizabeth meet in Meryton during a walk with her sisters that takes her fancy almost immediately?

10. What does Elizabeth do after hearing that Jane is too sick to come home from Netherfield?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What did Elizabeth learn about herself from her confrontations with Lady Catherine, and how did these interactions cause her to change?

Essay Topic 2

Jane endures many different trials before the end of the book. What are some of these trials and what lessons does Jane learn through these experiences?

Essay Topic 3

Lady Catherine DeBourgh and Mrs. Bennet are very similar in nature although very different in many other areas. What are some of these intrinsic differences and similarities, and what message(s) was Austen was trying to send with these two characters?

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