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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Elizabeth commonly run in to on her long walks through Rosings Park?
(a) Sergeant Fillmore.
(b) Lord Lucas.
(c) Mr. Darcy.
(d) Colonel Fitzwilliam.

2. Where does Georgiana make her permanent home after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are married?
(a) Longbourn.
(b) Rosings.
(c) Netherfield.
(d) Pemberley.

3. What does Mr. Gardiner do with Mr. Darcy when he visits Pemberley with Elizabeth?
(a) Goes fishing.
(b) Talks business.
(c) Takes a tour of the home.
(d) Goes hunting.

4. Why is Elizabeth so gloomy after Lydia leaves for Brighton?
(a) She is embarassed by her actions towards Mr. Darcy.
(b) She is worried about Jane.
(c) She is upset about her early feelings for Mr. Wickham.
(d) She is sure that Lydia will be foolish in Brighton.

5. What is the purpose behind the surprise visit to Elizabeth while she is at home with a headache when she is supposed to be dining with Lady Catherine?
(a) A debate over family matters.
(b) A request for advice.
(c) A proposal.
(d) A plea for monetary assistance.

6. Why does Mr. Collins and his wife choose to visit Longbourn after Elizabeth's engagement to Mr. Darcy?
(a) To help with the wedding plans.
(b) To escape Lady Catherine's anger.
(c) To congratulate the happy couple.
(d) To make sure that it is not just a rumor this time.

7. What does Elizabeth fault her father for after reading Darcy's letter to her?
(a) His poor choice in a wife.
(b) His sarcastic nature.
(c) His lack of discipline.
(d) His forward remarks in public.

8. What does Lydia tell her sisters to do if they want to find husbands for themselves?
(a) Go to Brighton.
(b) Elope with an officer.
(c) Pray for one.
(d) Flirt with the most handsome man in the room.

9. Who pleads with Mr. Bennet to not allow Lydia to go to Brighton for the summer?
(a) Mary.
(b) Kitty.
(c) Jane.
(d) Elizabeth.

10. What does Elizabeth think of Mr. Darcy's sister when meeting her for the first time?
(a) She is rude.
(b) She is shy.
(c) She is frightened.
(d) She is proud.

11. Who has Lydia eloped with?
(a) Mr. Wickham.
(b) Sergeant Fillmore.
(c) Denny.
(d) Colonel Forster.

12. What did Mr. Wickham really do with the money he inherited from Mr. Darcy's father?
(a) Gambled it away.
(b) Gave it to debt collectors.
(c) Paid for law school.
(d) Squander it.

13. What does Bingley do with Mr. Bennet on his second visit to Longbourn after dining there?
(a) Goes shooting.
(b) Surveys the property.
(c) Goes fishing.
(d) Asks for Jane's hand in marriage.

14. What does Mr. Bennet refuse to do when he hears that Lydia is to be married?
(a) Give his blessing to the couple.
(b) Allow Kitty to attend the wedding.
(c) Attend her wedding.
(d) Spend a penny on her wedding clothes.

15. Who visits Elizabeth while Charlotte and Maria are in town without her?
(a) Lord Lucas,
(b) Sergeant Fillmore.
(c) Mr. Darcy.
(d) Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Bennet tell Elizabeth repeatedly when she arrives at Longbourn?

2. How much is Wickham's gambling debt in Brighton?

3. Why is Elizabeth so surprised to see Mr. Darcy in his own house?

4. What does Lady Catherine complain about while Elizabeth is dining with her after her nephews leave?

5. Who did Lydia leave a note for before running away from Brighton?

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