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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Georgiana make her permanent home after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are married?
(a) Rosings.
(b) Longbourn.
(c) Netherfield.
(d) Pemberley.

2. Where is the post that Mr. Wickham accepts after he is married to Lydia?
(a) In Meryton.
(b) In the far north.
(c) In Derbyshire.
(d) In Brighton.

3. Who does Elizabeth see at the inn while meeting Darcy's sister?
(a) Colonel Fitzwilliam.
(b) Sergeant Fillmore.
(c) Mr. Bingley.
(d) Mr. Collins.

4. Why is Kitty so upset about Lydia's invitation to Brighton?
(a) She feels she should get to go as well since she is older.
(b) She is afraid Lydia will embarrass the family.
(c) She is concerned about her getting too friendly with Wickham.
(d) She does not believe in living off other people's charity.

5. What does Mr. Darcy give Elizabeth the morning after her horrible headache?
(a) A flower.
(b) A letter.
(c) A parting handshake.
(d) A kiss.

6. Who treats Elizabeth with cool haughtiness when she visits Darcy's sister at Pemberley?
(a) Lady Catherine and her daughter.
(b) Georgiana and Mr. Darcy.
(c) Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst.
(d) Mr. Hurst and Mr. Bingley.

7. Why is Elizabeth so gloomy after Lydia leaves for Brighton?
(a) She is upset about her early feelings for Mr. Wickham.
(b) She is sure that Lydia will be foolish in Brighton.
(c) She is worried about Jane.
(d) She is embarassed by her actions towards Mr. Darcy.

8. What does Elizabeth think after reading her letter from Darcy the first time?
(a) She is shocked at how truthful it seems to be.
(b) She is touched that he would share this with her.
(c) She thinks it might be a joke.
(d) She doesn't believe any of it.

9. How much money will Lydia receive when Mr. Bennet dies?
(a) 10,000 pounds.
(b) 11,000 pounds.
(c) 15,000 pounds.
(d) 5,000 pounds.

10. What does Elizabeth's aunt chide her for in a letter to her after Lydia's wedding?
(a) Leaving her company so soon.
(b) Turning down Mr. Collins's proposal.
(c) Being so kind to Lydia after her repulsive behavior.
(d) Not recognizing Darcy's feelings for her.

11. What was Mrs. Bennet's reaction to Lydia's elopement?
(a) She has gone to Brighton to deal with the Forsters for not watching Lydia.
(b) She is planning for the wedding.
(c) She is gloating to all her friends about her youngest daughter being married.
(d) She is bedridden.

12. What does Elizabeth fault her father for after reading Darcy's letter to her?
(a) His sarcastic nature.
(b) His forward remarks in public.
(c) His poor choice in a wife.
(d) His lack of discipline.

13. Who is the first person Elizabeth writes to about her engagement to Mr. Darcy?
(a) Lady Catherine.
(b) Georgiana.
(c) Mrs. Phillips.
(d) Caroline Bingley.

14. Who has Lydia eloped with?
(a) Sergeant Fillmore.
(b) Denny.
(c) Colonel Forster.
(d) Mr. Wickham.

15. Why is Elizabeth most upset to relay the news of her sister's elopement to Darcy?
(a) She knows he is related to Denny and this will make him look bad as well.
(b) She knows Wickham has hurt his family as well.
(c) She fears it will hurt his sister's feelings to hear of it.
(d) She fears he will no longer respect her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Mr. Darcy's home?

2. What does Lizzie tell her father about to gain his approval in her marriage to Mr. Darcy?

3. Who is the first person Darcy writes to about his engagement to Elizabeth?

4. Why is Elizabeth sad to leave Charlotte?

5. Where does the regiment of soldiers go after leaving Meryton?

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