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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Volume 3: Chapter 16 | Volume 3: Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing anyone talks about during Elizabeth's first day at Charlotte's house?
(a) Charlotte's new house.
(b) Mr. Collins' parishoners.
(c) The upcoming dinner at Rosings.
(d) Lady Catherine's daughter.

2. What causes Elizabeth's severe headache after her conversation with Colonel Fitzwilliam?
(a) Tears.
(b) Confusion.
(c) Indignation.
(d) Fear.

3. What favor does Mr. Collins ask of Elizabeth after Bingley and his sisters visit Longbourn?
(a) Some advice about how to propose to her sister.
(b) An hour of private conversation.
(c) To read some of Frodyce's sermons with him and her sisters.
(d) Her first two dances at the ball at Netherfield.

4. What does Bingley do with Mr. Bennet on his second visit to Longbourn after dining there?
(a) Asks for Jane's hand in marriage.
(b) Goes shooting.
(c) Surveys the property.
(d) Goes fishing.

5. How does Elizabeth describe her first reaction to Lady Catherine?
(a) Thin and sickly.
(b) Shrewd and arrogant.
(c) Large and haughty.
(d) Proud and loud.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to visit Jane while she is stuck at Netherfield after dining with Miss Bingley?

2. Who found Lydia and Wickham after they had run away from Brighton?

3. Who comes to visit Elizabeth shortly after she refuses Mr. Collins?

4. Who does Miss Bingley's wish to befriend in the Bennet household?

5. What does Mr. Collins do the morning after the ball at Netherfield?

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