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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Volume 1: Chapter 17 | Volume 1: Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Elizabeth happy to see leave Netherfield while she is there caring for Jane?
(a) Mr. Hurst.
(b) Ms. Bingley.
(c) Mrs. Bennet.
(d) Mr. Darcy.

2. Who is to inherit Longbourn when Mr. Bennet dies?
(a) Jane.
(b) Mr. Collins.
(c) The sisters, all equally.
(d) Mr. Bennet.

3. What does Mr. Darcy do at the Netherfield ball that is extremely surprising to Elizabeth?
(a) Warmly embraces Wickham.
(b) Leaves the house.
(c) Asks her to dance.
(d) Show attention to Lydia.

4. Who stops the argument between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy on her second evening at Netherfield?
(a) Mr. Bingley.
(b) Jane.
(c) Mr. Hurst.
(d) Miss Bingley.

5. Who comes to Meryton that offers more gossip than Lydia can handle at the beginning of the book?
(a) The Bingleys.
(b) A regiment of soldiers.
(c) Mr. Darcy.
(d) The royal family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mr. Collin's profession?

2. What is Elizabeth doing to pass the time on her second evening at Netherfield while caring for Jane?

3. What does Mary do at the ball at Netherfield to embarrass Elizabeth?

4. How many times does Darcy dance at the first ball of the book?

5. What do Bingley and his sisters come to Longbourn to personally deliver?

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