Objects & Places from Pride and Prejudice

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Longbourn - The family estate near the town where the soldiers are boarded.

Netherfield - An estate that is owned by one of the most wealthy men in the area.

Meryton - The town where the soldiers are boarded.

Rosings - This is where Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the first time.

Pemberley - Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy run into one another here while she is on a vacation with the Gardiners.

Hertfordshire - The neighborhood, or county, where most of the book takes place.

Hunsford - The town where Charlotte and Mr. Collins live.

Brighton - The town to which the soldiers are moved. Lydia follows the troops there and that is when she runs away with Wickham.

Derbyshire - The county where Mr. Darcy's estate is located.

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