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Lesson 1

Objective: Volume 1: Chapter 1 | Volume 1: Chapter 2 Mr. Bennet is a very witty man whose sarcasm infuriates his wife on a number of occasions. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss sarcasm and how it can be inappropriate, and also to find some of the deeper meaning behind Mr. Bennet's sarcastic remarks to his family.

1) Class discussion. Read aloud with the class the part where Mr. Bennet makes his remark about Mrs. Bennet's nerves. Discuss this with the class. How does this sarcastic remark affect Mrs. Bennet? Does she even understand it? Who in the room does? How does this make you feel about Mr. Bennet?

2) Small group activity. Read aloud with the class the comment Mr. Bennet makes about visiting Mr. Bingley. Split the class into groups and have each group write a different way that Mr. Bennet could have expressed this news, and how Mrs...

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