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Volume 1: Chapter 1 | Volume 1: Chapter 2

• When Netherfield Park is rented, Mrs. Bennet asks her husband to make a formal introduction of the family.

• When Mr. Bennet denies that he has any inclination to do so, Mrs. Bennet begins to complain of her nerves.

• When he does reveal to them that he has made Mr. Bingley's acquaintance, it is done casually, in mockery of the eagerness of his wife and daughters.

Volume 1: Chapter 3 | Volume 1: Chapter 4

• Mr. Bingley returns Mr. Bennet's visit a few days later hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovely Bennet sisters.

• Mr. Bingley leaves the following day to London to bring a large party of friends up for the assemblies.

• Mr. Darcy creates the biggest sensation upon his arrival. He is dark and handsome, and with an annual income of ten thousand pounds a year.

• Mr. Darcy makes a fast enemy of the Bennets, when Elizabeth...

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