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Day 1 and Day 2

• Jack shops at Crate and Barrel.

• Julia calls to tell him she will be late again.

• Jack reflects upon when he worked at MediaTronics.
• Julia shows Jack the tape of her demonstration using medical imaging.

• Jack and Julia fight over Julia's treatment of Amanda.

• Jack realizes that Julia is lying about when the tape was recorded.
• Jack goes to the grocery store.

• Jack meets up with Ricky Morse.

• Jack reflects upon nanotechnology.
• Jack takes Amanda to the pediatrician's office for her shot.

• Jack picks Eric up from soccer practice.

• Amanda develops a mysterious rash.

• Jack takes Amanda to the emergency room.

Day 3 and Day 4

• Jack and Amanda come home from the emergency room.

• Eric comments that strange men were vacuuming a ghost in the house the night before.

• Jack discovers that Amanda's skin has colored as result of her incident. It is now a blue-purple...

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