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Frank Bird Linderman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pretty-shield states in Chapter 1 that she was born across what river?
(a) The Ohio river.
(b) The Missouri river.
(c) The Mississippi river.
(d) The Snake river.

2. What did Kills-good use for drinking cups?
(a) Buffalo hooves.
(b) Buffalo horns.
(c) Mountain-sheep horns.
(d) Horse hooves.

3. What did Pretty-shield tell Linderman that she likes to do and that she always had?
(a) Laugh.
(b) Hunt.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Sing.

4. Pretty-shield mentioned that Linderman always wanted her to tell him what when she was telling him stories?
(a) What she was wearing.
(b) Who she was with.
(c) What the weather was like.
(d) What part of the land they were living on.

5. Even after leaving the creek where the woman died, Pretty-shield felt afraid and hid what?
(a) Her ball and dog.
(b) Her dog and blanket.
(c) Her blanket and robe.
(d) Her ball and doll.

6. How many other times had Linderman been able to obtain tobacco seed from an Indian?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Three.
(d) Five.

7. What does Pretty-shield call Frank Linderman?
(a) Sign-talker.
(b) Writer-pen.
(c) Talking-white.
(d) Paper-logger.

8. How many boys were in the group of children that decided to pretend to perform the sun dance in Chapter 2?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) One.
(d) None.

9. What tribe did Good-trader come from?
(a) The Lakota.
(b) The Blackfeet.
(c) The Cheyenne.
(d) The Crow.

10. In the beginning of Chapter 7, Linderman asks Pretty-shield to tell him more about what?
(a) The fighting of the Crow warriors.
(b) Tobacco-seed.
(c) Her life as a wife and mother.
(d) Her life as a little girl.

11. What did buffalo-runners rub their hands with so their fingers would be nimble in handling their bow and arrows?
(a) Snow and sand.
(b) Pine needles and dirt.
(c) Pebbles and quills.
(d) Eagle feathers and antelope hair.

12. Where was the scar that Pretty-shield had that Linderman asked her about?
(a) On her forehead.
(b) On her side.
(c) On her right hand.
(d) On her chin.

13. What did Pretty-shield use to "attend to" one of her grandchild's noses?
(a) Her blanket.
(b) A used handkerchief.
(c) Her scarf.
(d) Her robe.

14. When the children were performing their sun dance, they used whistles. What were these whistles made of?
(a) The antlers of an antelope.
(b) The big bone of an eagle's wing.
(c) The quills of a porcupine.
(d) The grass reeds from the river.

15. In the beginning of Chapter 2, Pretty-shield mentioned to Linderman that she never tired of what?
(a) Singing.
(b) Hunting.
(c) Raising children.
(d) Moving.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Pretty-shield's father?

2. How many bears did the men tie to the tree to keep Pretty-shield and the other girls in the trees?

3. What was the color of the silk muffler that Pretty-shield removed from her head in the beginning of Chapter 6?

4. Who were Yellow-calf and his war-party wiped out by?

5. How many young women were sliding down the hill when Pretty-shield thought she saw a wolf from their tribe warn them of oncoming enemies?

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