Pretending to Be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome Test | Final Test - Easy

Liane Holliday Willey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of the strategies Liane has developed for making sure she is giving Tom the closeness she thinks he needs is to _____.
(a) Do the shopping.
(b) Make lists - reminding her to be affectionate.
(c) Clean the house.
(d) Ask Tom what he needs.

2. When Liane "loses her footing" and begins to shut down, she reaches for the only person who can instantly save her, _______.
(a) Her mother.
(b) Margo.
(c) Maureen.
(d) Her husband.

3. Liane describes _______ as a situation in which she is unable to let go of a particular train of thought.
(a) Fascination.
(b) Concentration.
(c) Amelioration.
(d) Perseveration.

4. Liane discovered that she was able to tolerate all of the following fabrics except ______.
(a) Finely woven cottons.
(b) Very bumpy chenille.
(c) Satin.
(d) Rough velvet.

5. Liane states that 'Aspies' have to be ______ and forthright, which can cause a certain amount of awkwardness.
(a) Deceitful.
(b) Vague.
(c) Abstract.
(d) Honest.

6. Liane describes some of her most tenacious AS traits as " ______ in the breeze," liable to pop up at an inopportune moment.
(a) Bubbles.
(b) Pollen.
(c) Leaves.
(d) Flowers.

7. Liane also had difficulty dealing with ______, and they could become overwhelming to the point of causing her to vomit.
(a) Tastes.
(b) Odors.
(c) Lights.
(d) Sounds.

8. Liane believes that her daughter's capacity for _______ means that she has not given up on herself.
(a) Sadness.
(b) Laughter.
(c) Anger.
(d) Shame.

9. The negative aspects of choosing to share with others about AS include all of the following except ______.
(a) Once you realize others know, you may be tempted to withdraw.
(b) People may understand the reasons why you act differently.
(c) Because AS is subtle, people may think that you are making excuses.
(d) Once people learn about AS they may consciously exclude you from social circles.

10. Liane's youngest daughter began to show signs of being different when she _______.
(a) Started junior high school.
(b) Started preschool.
(c) Started high school.
(d) Started elementary school.

11. Liane and her husband encourage their daughter to use whatever she can think of to calm herself with the exception of ______.
(a) Squeezing balloons filled with flour.
(b) Anything that is self-harming.
(c) Punching a punching bag.
(d) Play with her dog instead of friends.

12. Liane attempts to have her children conform to her ______ so that she can feel that she has some control.
(a) Ways of seeing the world.
(b) Routines.
(c) Clothing preferences.
(d) Rules.

13. Liane thinks of her peculiarities as ______ that interferes with her communication with others.
(a) Rain.
(b) Fog.
(c) Static.
(d) Clouds.

14. With her friend's help, Liane was able to find the _______ University Child Development Unit.
(a) California.
(b) Utah.
(c) Michigan.
(d) Kansas.

15. Liane outlines several strategies for letting people know including all of the following except _____.
(a) Carrying a sign on a street corner.
(b) Sending names of people you want to educate to organizations that provide newsletters.
(c) Keep AS reference materials in your home.
(d) Preparing a business card with AS information on it.

Short Answer Questions

1. There is a great deal of conflict in the AS community about ______ with the greater community.

2. One of the communication problems that Liane encounters in their relationship is following her husband's ________.

3. Liane realizes that her daughter's ways of ______ will be different from her own, especially since she has to grow up knowing something is wrong with her.

4. Liane stated that during her daughter's testing at the Child Development Unit, she and her husband both ______, her from acceptance and possibility.

5. Liane lists several careers that may work well for people with AS including all of the following except _____.

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