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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something that Rusty worries about at the moment?
(a) His gratitude for Barbara's taking care of his sick mother.
(b) What will happen to Nat if Rusty goes to prison.
(c) Whether Carolyn ever really loved him.
(d) What will happen to him if he goes to prison.

2. Sandy requests that __________________ not be allowed on the prosecuting team because he is also on the witness list.
(a) Della Guardia.
(b) Dan Lipranzer.
(c) Tommy Molto.
(d) Raymond Horgan.

3. Sandy decides to use a technique called ___________________ in which prosecutorial evidence can be admitted into evidence.
(a) motions.
(b) mandates.
(c) accessories.
(d) stipulations.

4. Why does Rusty not want Barbara to testify in court?
(a) He doesn't want her reputation ruined.
(b) He thinks she will turn on him.
(c) He doesn't want to put her through it.
(d) He thinks she will get flustered.

5. Why was there no reason for Carolyn to have used contraceptive jelly found in her body?
(a) She used a diaphragm.
(b) She had a hysterectomy.
(c) She had her tubes tied.
(d) She used an IUD.

Short Answer Questions

1. What favor does Rusty ask of the caller in #98?

2. How many potential jurors enter the courtroom for the selection process?

3. At the end of Chapter 31, Lip arranges to meet Rusty and they discuss how Lip might find ___________________.

4. Nat is being sent to __________________ near Skageon until the trial is over.

5. Marty does not tell the prosecutor that Rusty had an affair with his mother because _________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. On the first day of the trial, what does the defense say it has not had a chance to examine yet and who does the prosecution agree not to call during the trial?

2. How do the testimonies of Eugenia, Mrs. Krapotnik and Horgan practically guarantee an acquittal for Rusty?

3. Why is the end of the trial so unsettling for the reader?

4. What points of possible incrimination against himself does Rusty take mental note of?

5. What instruction does Judge Lyttle give to the jury regarding the missing glass and what does the fingerprint expert admit about other prints at the crime scene?

6. Who does Rusty recognize as the person who anonymously calls his house once a week and what favor does Rusty ask of him?

7. What important piece of information about Horgan does Rusty withhold from Sandy?

8. How does Sandy ruin Dr. Kumagai's career due to his testimony regarding the contraceptive jelly found with the sperm sample?

9. What incriminating information does Leon Wells give to Rusty and Lip about Carolyn and Larren Lyttle?

10. Why does the author raise the critical issue of Kumagai's testimony just as he had shown positive successes for the defense?

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