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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leon Wells tells Rusty and Lip that ________________ set up the bribe which Leon paid to Larren Lyttle.
(a) Molto.
(b) Della Guardia.
(c) Carolyn.
(d) Horgan.

2. What favor does Rusty ask of the caller in #98?
(a) If he would tap Horgan's phone.
(b) If he would get Sandy's acquittal record.
(c) If he would help him find Leon Wells.
(d) If he would keep an eye on Barbara for him.

3. What does Horgan say he does NOT recall about Rusty's case while discussing it with Rusty and Sandy?
(a) That he assigned Rusty to Carolyn's murder case.
(b) That Rusty worked 70 hours a week on Carolyn's murder case.
(c) That Rusty volunteered to work on Carolyn's murder case.
(d) That Rusty asked to be relieved of working on Carolyn's murder case.

4. Why was there no reason for Carolyn to have used contraceptive jelly found in her body?
(a) She had a hysterectomy.
(b) She had her tubes tied.
(c) She used a diaphragm.
(d) She used an IUD.

5. Why did Sandy continually bring up the introduction of the B file into evidence during the trial?
(a) To threaten Horgan.
(b) To threaten Della Guardia.
(c) To threaten Molto.
(d) To threaten Lyttle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Krapotnik?

2. Sandy tells Rusty that Horgan got Carolyn the job as Deputy Prosecutor on the condition that ____________________.

3. Marty does not tell the prosecutor that Rusty had an affair with his mother because _________________________.

4. As an expert witness, Dr. Kumagai will say __________________________.

5. What does Nico tell Rusty when he runs into him on the street several months after the trial?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rusty recall about washing the murder weapon and how does Barbara behave to let the reader know that she is the murderer?

2. Why is the end of the trial so unsettling for the reader?

3. What impact does the missing glass have on Rusty's case at this point?

4. How does Sandy ruin Dr. Kumagai's career due to his testimony regarding the contraceptive jelly found with the sperm sample?

5. Why does Horgan consider his relationship with Rusty to be over?

6. Describe the encounter between Rusty and Della Guardia several weeks after the trial?

7. What does Rusty do in the weeks following the trial?

8. What is the tone of Chapters 26-28 and who does the author set up as the champions for the prosecution and the defense?

9. How have innocence and simplicity leave the life of Rusty and his family?

10. What are Rusty's thoughts about his father when Sandy mentions how Rusty met Horgan, and what do they mean regarding implications of the family influence on people?

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