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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nico ask Rusty when he sees him in the restroom?
(a) If he thinks Sandy is doing a good job on his case.
(b) If he killed Carolyn.
(c) If he thinks he will like prison.
(d) If he knows who killed Carolyn.

2. What does Nico NOT know about Rusty after the trial?
(a) If Rusty bribed Judge Lyttle.
(b) If Rusty would win the election.
(c) If Rusty ever abused Barbara.
(d) If Rusty really killed Carolyn.

3. What does Jamie search for in Carolyn's apartment?
(a) Liquor.
(b) Pills.
(c) Contraceptives.
(d) Rope.

4. Who is the maid from Carolyn's neighborhood who cannot recall which Tuesday night she saw Rusty?
(a) Madge Benson.
(b) Maggie Bowman.
(c) Margaret Beaulieu.
(d) Maybell Beatrice.

5. What does Horgan admit to on the stand?
(a) He had an affair with Carolyn.
(b) He promoted Carolyn.
(c) He fired Carolyn.
(d) He hired Carolyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rusty not want Barbara to testify in court?

2. Under the adversity of Rusty's trial, his relationship with Barbara _________________________.

3. What nationality was Rusty's father?

4. Why does Nat say that he is not afraid of his father's trial?

5. In Chapter 25, Rusty awakens in the night from a dream about ______________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lionel Kenneally tell Rusty that connects Larren Lyttle to Carolyn and Tommy Molto?

2. How does the murder trial affect Rusty and Barbara's marriage?

3. What is the significance of Rusty's dream about his mother in Chapter 25?

4. Why does Della Guardia want Molto to testify in the case? What does Dr. Robinson say regarding Rusty's ever confessing murder to him?

5. What are some of the elements that foreshadow an easier road than anticipated to Rusty's acquittal?

6. Describe the encounter between Rusty and Della Guardia several weeks after the trial?

7. On the first day of the trial, what does the defense say it has not had a chance to examine yet and who does the prosecution agree not to call during the trial?

8. Why is the end of the trial so unsettling for the reader?

9. Late on the evening of the end of the trial, Rusty visits Sandy in his office. What does Rusty reveal to Sandy which could explain why Judge Lyttle abruptly ended the trial?

10. How do the testimonies of Eugenia, Mrs. Krapotnik and Horgan practically guarantee an acquittal for Rusty?

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