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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Rusty's mother?
(a) Maria.
(b) Janet.
(c) Rose.
(d) Barbara.

2. What does Rusty ask Sandy when he visits him late on the night of the end of the trial?
(a) Why he never put Barbara on the stand.
(b) Who paid the prosecuting team to throw the case.
(c) Why Lyttle really stopped the trial.
(d) Where the glass was all this time.

3. Sandy tells Rusty that Horgan got Carolyn the job as Deputy Prosecutor on the condition that ____________________.
(a) she sleep with Horgan.
(b) she seduce Rusty and get him fired.
(c) Lyttle stop taking bribes.
(d) she would have an affair with Lyttle.

4. Who is the maid from Carolyn's neighborhood who cannot recall which Tuesday night she saw Rusty?
(a) Margaret Beaulieu.
(b) Maggie Bowman.
(c) Madge Benson.
(d) Maybell Beatrice.

5. Under the adversity of Rusty's trial, his relationship with Barbara _________________________.
(a) has stayed the same.
(b) has taken a turn for the better.
(c) has intensified.
(d) has dissolved.

6. Chapter 27 opens with the revelation that the prosecution cannot find _____________________.
(a) the crime scene photos.
(b) a murder weapon.
(c) the glass.
(d) Marty's address.

7. When Rusty has lunch with Horgan, Horgan promises _________________________.
(a) to give Rusty a good reference.
(b) to find Carolyn's real murderer.
(c) to help Rusty run for election next year.
(d) to help Rusty re-build his career.

8. Someone has begun calling Rusty once a week, and although the caller does not identify himself, Rusty knows it is ________________.
(a) Horgan.
(b) Molto.
(c) Lipranzer.
(d) Kenneally.

9. Why do Rusty and Nat not stay for barbecue after a t-ball game when Summer comes?
(a) The notoriety of Rusty's trial makes them too uncomfortable.
(b) They have to get packed for vacation.
(c) Nat is leaving for Summer camp in the morning and needs to get to bed early.
(d) Nat is not feeling well.

10. Who is Maurice Dickerman?
(a) A fingerprint expert.
(b) A lie detector expert.
(c) A medical examiner.
(d) A toxicologist.

11. Which of the following is NOT something that Rusty worries about at the moment?
(a) What will happen to him if he goes to prison.
(b) Whether Carolyn ever really loved him.
(c) What will happen to Nat if Rusty goes to prison.
(d) His gratitude for Barbara's taking care of his sick mother.

12. Why was there no reason for Carolyn to have used contraceptive jelly found in her body?
(a) She used a diaphragm.
(b) She used an IUD.
(c) She had her tubes tied.
(d) She had a hysterectomy.

13. What does Nico ask Rusty when he sees him in the restroom?
(a) If he killed Carolyn.
(b) If he thinks Sandy is doing a good job on his case.
(c) If he knows who killed Carolyn.
(d) If he thinks he will like prison.

14. Why did Horgan tell Rusty that he took the B file after Carolyn was killed?
(a) To protect Lyttle.
(b) To protect Della Guardia.
(c) To protect Rusty.
(d) To protect Carolyn's memory.

15. What does Rusty find in a drawer in Carolyn's bedside table?
(a) A novel.
(b) A pack of cigarettes.
(c) A phone directory.
(d) A magazine.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many glasses are shown in a crime scene photo in court?

2. At the end of his conversation with Rusty, Sandy implies that _________________ killed Carolyn.

3. What favor does Rusty ask of the caller in #98?

4. Horgan states that Rusty never said that ________________________.

5. What is Horgan doing since he retired from his prosecuting attorney position?

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