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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The prosecution states that it will not call ____________ as a witness.
(a) Marty.
(b) Lip.
(c) Molto.
(d) Leon.

2. At the end of Chapter 31, Lip arranges to meet Rusty and they discuss how Lip might find ___________________.
(a) Freddie Warren.
(b) Jackie Lyttle.
(c) Leon Wells.
(d) Joey Mottola.

3. Who is Maurice Dickerman?
(a) A toxicologist.
(b) A fingerprint expert.
(c) A lie detector expert.
(d) A medical examiner.

4. Why do Rusty and Nat not stay for barbecue after a t-ball game when Summer comes?
(a) The notoriety of Rusty's trial makes them too uncomfortable.
(b) Nat is leaving for Summer camp in the morning and needs to get to bed early.
(c) Nat is not feeling well.
(d) They have to get packed for vacation.

5. Why did Horgan tell Rusty that he took the B file after Carolyn was killed?
(a) To protect Rusty.
(b) To protect Carolyn's memory.
(c) To protect Lyttle.
(d) To protect Della Guardia.

6. After the trial, Sandy will be _______________________.
(a) becoming a judge.
(b) retiring.
(c) teaching law school.
(d) an attorney of national standing.

7. When Rusty has lunch with Horgan, Horgan promises _________________________.
(a) to find Carolyn's real murderer.
(b) to help Rusty run for election next year.
(c) to help Rusty re-build his career.
(d) to give Rusty a good reference.

8. What is the name of the black street gang to which Leon Wells belongs?
(a) Ebony Saints.
(b) Night Saints.
(c) Noir Saints.
(d) Midnight.

9. Why does Sandy chastise Kemp during a recess?
(a) He forgot the jurors' interview questions.
(b) He spilled coffee on crime scene photos.
(c) He says he thinks Rusty will beat the charge.
(d) He laughed out loud during court proceedings.

10. What favor does Rusty ask of the caller in #98?
(a) If he would get Sandy's acquittal record.
(b) If he would help him find Leon Wells.
(c) If he would keep an eye on Barbara for him.
(d) If he would tap Horgan's phone.

11. What does Nico NOT know about Rusty after the trial?
(a) If Rusty would win the election.
(b) If Rusty really killed Carolyn.
(c) If Rusty bribed Judge Lyttle.
(d) If Rusty ever abused Barbara.

12. Before the testimony of the person in #135, the judge instructs the jury that the absence of _______________ entitles them to raise reasonable doubt in their minds regarding Rusty's guilt.
(a) a suicide note.
(b) crime scene photos.
(c) a murder weapon.
(d) the glass.

13. Sandy thinks Rusty has been framed but in order to prove it, he needs to discuss __________________ in court.
(a) Carolyn's promiscuity.
(b) illegal phone tapping.
(c) the B file.
(d) Horgan's manipulations.

14. Rusty's secretary testifies that she heard Rusty call Carolyn ____________________ during a phone conversation.
(a) sweet lips.
(b) my angel.
(c) bitch.
(d) lover.

15. What does Nico ask Rusty when he sees him in the restroom?
(a) If he killed Carolyn.
(b) If he thinks Sandy is doing a good job on his case.
(c) If he thinks he will like prison.
(d) If he knows who killed Carolyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Rusty NOT say that he understands regarding Barbara's murdering Carolyn?

2. As an expert witness, Dr. Kumagai will say __________________________.

3. At the beginning of Chapter 37, Rusty is thrilled at being free but is also _________________.

4. What question does Molto ask of Rusty's psychiatrist, Miles Robinson, when he is on the stand?

5. Horgan believes that Rusty killed Carolyn ___________________________.

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