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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lip shows Rusty some documents that show that Carolyn was __________________ probation officer.
(a) Tommy Molto's.
(b) Sam D'Amico's.
(c) Leon Wells'.
(d) Jimmy Frank's.

2. What athletic event of his son's does Rusty attend?
(a) Soccer game.
(b) Basketball game.
(c) T-ball game.
(d) Football game.

3. The B file found in Carolyn's office concerns _______________________.
(a) the bribery of law enforcement officials.
(b) her second string boyfriends.
(c) her son's school information.
(d) her Bermuda vacation information.

4. What does Sandy do when Rusty proclaims his innocence?
(a) He closes his eyes.
(b) He pats his hand.
(c) He puts his fingers in his ears.
(d) He laughs.

5. Where does Horgan throw an election party for his constituents?
(a) His home.
(b) The office.
(c) A hotel.
(d) A restaurant.

6. Rusty's love for Carolyn was seldom ___________________.
(a) joyful.
(b) consistent.
(c) objectified.
(d) hurried.

7. What did Rusty say to Carolyn when he called her home a few times after they broke up?
(a) He was going to kill himself.
(b) He regretted the day he met her.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He would divorce his wife.

8. Rusty recalls that Carolyn was the first to tell him that Horgan would lose the election to ____________________.
(a) Paul Sabato.
(b) John D'Amico.
(c) Della Famina.
(d) Della Guardia.

9. Where does Rusty claim he was on the night of Carolyn's murder?
(a) An airplane.
(b) A movie.
(c) Dinner with his wife.
(d) Home with his son.

10. Who is Rusty's psychiatrist?
(a) Meyers.
(b) Larsen.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Robinson.

11. Lipranzer suspects that ________________ was involved with Carolyn.
(a) Dan.
(b) Roger.
(c) Rusty.
(d) Seth.

12. Who is Stew Dubinsky?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A mechanic.
(c) A reporter.
(d) A cop.

13. What does Sandy think that Nico will have a hard time explaining in Rusty's case?
(a) An unidentified fingerprint found on the glass.
(b) The DNA under Carolyn's fingernails does not match Rusty's.
(c) All the windows in Carolyn's apartment were open.
(d) Carolyn left a suicide note.

14. How much did Noel pay to cover up the arrest?
(a) $25,000.
(b) $500.
(c) $5,000.
(d) $1,500.

15. What was Carolyn's son's relationship with her?
(a) He hardly knew her.
(b) They talked every day.
(c) They were very close.
(d) They celebrated holidays together.

Short Answer Questions

1. Molto says that ________________ may have obstructed justice in Carolyn's case.

2. How is the judge for Rusty's case chosen?

3. What was not found at Carolyn's murder scene?

4. What does Rusty tell his psychiatrist about Carolyn?

5. Who is the trial judge chosen for Rusty's case?

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