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Kindle County

This is an imaginary region somewhere in the Midwest where the entire action of the novel takes place.

County Building

This is a dismal and institutionalized structure that houses the office of the prosecuting attorney, where must of the out-of-court action occurs.

McGrath Hall

This structure houses the police department headquarters.


This is the town where Rusty, Barbara, and Nat Sabich live.


This is a jewel-like room of beautifully grained wood where the trial takes place.

Judge's Chambers

This is a distinguished room, full of books and photos where the lawyers go for conferences.

North Branch

This is the police station in the 32nd District where Lionel Kenneally and several other characters work and where bribery of law enforcement officers takes place.

Six Brothers

This is a seedy neighborhood tavern in a rough part of town where Rusty has a meeting with Lionel Kenneally...

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