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Opening Statement and Spring, Chapters 1 and 2

• Prosecuting attorney, Rusty Sabich, talks with his boss, District Attorney Raymond Horgan, about Carolyn Polhemus, a deputy prosecuting attorney who was raped and murdered three days earlier.

• Another deputy prosecuting attorney, Nico Della Guardia, is running against Horgan in an election for Kindle County Prosecuting Attorney.

• At Carolyn's funeral, Della Guardia tells Rusty that he would like to have him as chief deputy prosecutor after the election.

• Rusty does not believe Della Guardia's offer because a deputy prosecutor named Tommy Molto is Della Guardia's best friend and most likely to get the job.
• At the funeral, Rusty meets Carolyn's son, Marty, and is taken aback because he did not know Carolyn had any children.

• Back at the office, Rusty and a cop and good friend, Dan Lipranzer discuss the murder case and how the rapist tied her up with slipknots as if...

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