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Hatrack River

The setting of the majority of the story and birthplace of the hero.

Vigor Church

The hero's hometown, cursed to tell a story of massacre to any stranger.

The Crystal City

A Utopia Alvin vows to make.

The Guesters' Roadhouse

This is where Vigor is buried and where Alvin was born.

The Springhouse

This is a residence for the teacher from Philadelphia.

Cavil Planter's Plantation

A place of heinous acts committed in "service to God".


These are made for Arthur special by Alvin to not hurt.

Alvin's Golden Plow

Alvin's journeyman project, both as a Smith and Maker.


Most people possess one of these.

The Greensong

A rhythm of the forest that Alvin and the Natives hear that allow them to travel great distances without food, rest, or fatigue.

Alvin's Birth Caul

Peggy uses this to utilize Alvin's power and protect him.

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