Prentice Alvin Fun Activities

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Create a hex with links and locks as described. Explain what your hex does.

A Poppet

Create a poppet to bring good luck to someone special.


What kind of knack would you have if you could have any that you wished? Why this one?

In Miniature

Create a miniature golden plow.

Casting Call

Imagine that you were going to film Prentice Alvin as a movie. Who would you want to play the parts, and why those actors/actresses?

Dear Diary

Create a diary entry as though you were little Peggy, longing for Alvin.

Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Create a wanted poster for Alvin.

Ready, Set, Action

Enact your favorite scene from the book.

If It Pleases the Court

Create a criminal proceeding against Alvin for killing a Finder, with a prosecutor, defense, jury, judge and bailiff.

Red Bird

Find images of red birds native to America...

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