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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Officers" (pp. 351-369).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reads 1847?
(a) Seldon's watch.
(b) Seldon's time band.
(c) Seldon's pedometer.
(d) Seldon's history report.

2. What is the young man's name?
(a) Bluesky Four.
(b) Graycloud Five.
(c) Starlight Twenty.
(d) Darksun Two.

3. What kind of permit do the officers ask Venabili for?
(a) Gun permit.
(b) Fishing permit.
(c) Parking permit.
(d) Knife permit.

4. What does Cleon warn Demerzel not to do?
(a) Lie to him.
(b) Leave the planet.
(c) Make another mistake.
(d) Marry his mistress.

5. What do the workers wear on their heads?
(a) Headbands.
(b) Straw hats.
(c) Bowler hats.
(d) Scarfs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Seldon want to seize by the throat?

2. What does Raindrop ask Seldon to remove?

3. What does Venabili say successful religions tend to accumulate?

4. What does the first monitor show?

5. What does Hummin say is far older than the Empire?

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