Prelude to Foundation Character Descriptions

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Hari Seldon

He is a mathematician from an obscure "Outworld," Helicon, who travels to the center of the Galactic Universe, Trantor, to deliver a theoretical paper on psychohistory. Background information on him is sparse.

Dors Venbbili

She is born and educated on Cinna, a planet as obscure as Seldon's Helicon, and earns a doctorate in history there. Her specialty is the rise of Royal Trantor.

R. Daneel Olivaw (a.k.a. Eto Demerzel, a.k.a. Chetter Hummin, a.k.a. Da Nee)

He is governed by Three Laws of Robotics to which he prefixes a stringent "Zeroeth Law", which makes not harming humanity the first duty of a robot. He can detect human emotion and affect it with difficulty. He interferes only when he must and then as little as possible.

Cleon I

He detests the trappings of office and insists during his meeting with Seldon that...

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