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"Mathematician" (pp. 1-24)

• Emperor Cleon and his Chief of Staff Dermerzel discuss Hari Seldon, a mathematician who says he can predict the future.

• Cleon tells Demerzel to bring Seldon to him.

• Lt. Allen Wells escorts Seldon to the Imperial Palace.

• Seldon explains his theory to the Emperor and the Emperor tells him he wants possession of the tool.

• Cleon asks Seldon if someone is likely to assassinate him in the future. Seldon gives him a one in two chance.

• After Cleon dismisses Seldon, Demerzel enters the room to analyze the interview. Demerzel tells the Emperor Seldon is a loose cannon.

• At the airport Seldon meets a journalist called Chetter Hummin. Hummin tells Seldon that the Emperor will not let go of him.

"Flight" (pp. 27-46)

• Two large men approach Seldon and demand he leaves the planet Trantor. When things get nasty Hummin intervenes, dragging Seldon into the crowds...

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