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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johnny point to in Tabitha's room that Owen may have mistaken for something else?
(a) A giant fabric doll.
(b) A ventriloquist dummy.
(c) A dressmaker's dummy.
(d) A storefront mannequin.

2. What does Owen claim God has taken from him to make him God's instrument?
(a) His mother.
(b) His instrument.
(c) His God.
(d) His hands.

3. Who does Johnny find praying at his mother's grave?
(a) Dan Needham.
(b) Aunt Martha.
(c) Hester.
(d) Owen.

4. How does Owen typically respond when Johnny comes home from visiting his cousins?
(a) He is happy that Johnny is spending time with his family.
(b) He hasn't realized that Johnny was gone.
(c) He is excited to have Johnny back home.
(d) He is moody for a few days.

5. How does Johnny respond to Owen's request to meet his cousins?
(a) He is worried that his cousins will like Owen better.
(b) He is excited to have all his friends together.
(c) He is embarrassed of Owen.
(d) He is angry that Owen wants more friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Johnny's mother encourages Owen to switch what?

2. What do the boys witness the Brinker-Smith's doing while they are hiding?

3. Which character is killed in the Vietnam war?

4. What does Dan think is the ultimate message that Owen was trying to send with the stuffed animal?

5. What role does Owen cast himself as in the Christmas pageant?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Owen described physically?

2. What does Owen predict when he and Johnny are down by the Squamscott River?

3. Why does Owen react so strongly to Johnny's opinion of his mother's death?

4. How does Johnny react to Owen's baseball card apology?

5. Who are the Brinker-Smiths?

6. What is significant about Johnny Wheelwright's family?

7. Explain the situation that Johnny will later describe as his sexual awakening.

8. What changes does Owen make to the Christmas pageant once he becomes the director?

9. What happens to Harry Hoyt's mother?

10. How does Johnny Wheelwright's mother die?

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