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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, The Shot.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which boy always ends up having to kiss "Hester the Molester"?
(a) Noah.
(b) Owen.
(c) Johnny.
(d) Simon.

2. When the Brinker-Smiths enter the room that Owen and Johnny are investigating, where does Johnny hide?
(a) Behind the drapes.
(b) Behind the door.
(c) Under the bed.
(d) In the closet.

3. Who does Owen attempt to convince to keep his role in Dan Needham's play?
(a) Mr. Fish.
(b) Mr. Meany.
(c) Mr. Brinker-Smith.
(d) Mr. Morrison.

4. How do Hester and Johnny respond to Owen's transfer?
(a) They are ecstatic.
(b) They are apathetic.
(c) They are saddened.
(d) They are relieved.

5. Which President wrote the "State of the Union Message" that Johnny reads as an adult?
(a) President Lincoln.
(b) President Carter.
(c) President Reagan.
(d) President Bush.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys witness the Brinker-Smith's doing while they are hiding?

2. Who is the rector of the Episcopal church?

3. What happens to the house of the mother whose son is killed in the Vietnam war?

4. Who is the congregational pastor?

5. Fill in the blank: Owen says that "_____ makes people crazy."

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