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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Angel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dan think is the ultimate message that Owen was trying to send with the stuffed animal?
(a) Malice.
(b) Apology.
(c) Forgiveness.
(d) Uncertainty.

2. How is Dan Needham described?
(a) As unintelligent.
(b) As awkward.
(c) As handsome.
(d) As charming.

3. How does Johnny respond to Owen's request to meet his cousins?
(a) He is embarrassed of Owen.
(b) He is excited to have all his friends together.
(c) He is worried that his cousins will like Owen better.
(d) He is angry that Owen wants more friends.

4. Whose ancestor founded the town in which the novel takes place?
(a) Harry Hoyt's.
(b) Johnny's.
(c) Dan Needham's.
(d) Owen's.

5. Who does Johnny find praying at his mother's grave?
(a) Hester.
(b) Dan Needham.
(c) Aunt Martha.
(d) Owen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Between which two characters' homes does Johnny decide to divide his time?

2. Which character is killed in the Vietnam war?

3. For which holiday does Owen hope to meet Johnny's cousins?

4. What happens to the house of the mother whose son is killed in the Vietnam war?

5. Who is the rector of the Episcopal church?

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