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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Avey think that her family lost?
(a) The beauty of their hearts.
(b) Their souls.
(c) Their success.
(d) All of these.

2. As what does Lebert regard Avey?
(a) A troubled spirit.
(b) A spiritual blessing.
(c) A long lost child.
(d) A nuisance.

3. Where does Avey collapse in exhaustion after thinking about her denial of her people for so many years?
(a) The hotel room bed.
(b) The hotel room balcony.
(c) The lounge.
(d) The hotel lobby.

4. What does Rosalie do for Avey after she bathes her?
(a) Irons her dress.
(b) Splashes perfume on her.
(c) Brushes her hair.
(d) Rubs her body with oil.

5. What does Avey reply when asked for her name?
(a) Avey, wife of Jay.
(b) Avatara.
(c) Avatara, goddess of fire.
(d) Avey, short for Avatara.

6. What does Avey recall about Jerome's face as he lay in his casket?
(a) She wished he had kept the mustache.
(b) She didn't recognize him.
(c) She thought he was still handsome.
(d) She could not look at him in his casket.

7. What does the little girl, Avey, feel as the congregation increases its intensity in responding to the preacher's questions?
(a) She wants to scream.
(b) She wants to vomit.
(c) She wants to run away.
(d) She wants to cry.

8. What does Lebert try to get Avey to remember?
(a) Her childhood friends.
(b) A secret password.
(c) Some tribal identity.
(d) A drink recipe.

9. What do the old women do as they help Avey move below deck?
(a) Call for help.
(b) Put a blanket over her head.
(c) Hold her up as best they can.
(d) Cover her with their shawls.

10. What does Avey call her now empty mind?
(a) A script waiting to be written.
(b) A safe waiting for her future.
(c) A tabula rasa.
(d) A fresh piece of paper.

11. For whom was Marion always been an advocate?
(a) Prisoners.
(b) Poor people.
(c) Homeless people.
(d) Black people.

12. What does Rosalie wish Lebert would do?
(a) Write his story for his grandchildren.
(b) Bring more rum the next time.
(c) Move to a smaller house.
(d) Give up the rum shop and let her take care of him.

13. What is Avey doing at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) Waking up.
(b) Drinking coffee.
(c) Taking a shower.
(d) Reading the paper.

14. What does Avey think when she sees some crabs at play?
(a) She does not see any crabs.
(b) She does not like seafood.
(c) She is allergic to seafood.
(d) She imagines them being animated.

15. What will now become a sacred place for Avey and her family?
(a) Grenada.
(b) Savannah.
(c) Carriacou.
(d) Tatem.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the old women on the boat remind Avey of?

2. What is the name of the ship that would take Avey, as a girl, on the trips to Bear Mountain with her family and friends?

3. Who is Lebert's daughter?

4. In what type of building does Avey take shelter?

5. Which of the following did NOT integrate for Avey during the festivities?

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