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The island on which the Beg Pardon and attendant celebratory season takes place.

Caribbean Islands

The islands through which the friends were cruising, and the home of the excursion island.

Cruise Ship

The place where Avey had the initial urge to break away from the falsity of her identity with her friends and get back to her own world.

Harlem, Halsey Street

The neighborhood in which Jay and Avey lived their early married life, happy in love, having their children, dancing in their living room in the evenings.

White Plains

The more affluent town to which the Johnson's moved when Jay was finally able to establish himself as a businessman.

Tatem Island

The island on which Avey's Great Aunt Cuney lived and hosted Avey during the summers.

Lebert Joseph's Rum Shop

The haven Avey finds from the heat after her unexpectedly long walk along the sunny beach...

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