Praisesong for the Widow Character Descriptions

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Avatara Johnson

This character is the descendant of slaves brought to America, most likely from the Caribbean, and who is raised with the stories of their indomitable wills and characters.

Jerome Johnson

This character is called Jay in his early life, and is characterized in those years by his love of the blues and dancing with his wife, imagining they are in their favorite dance halls as they dance in their living room when he gets home from work every evening.

Lebert Joseph

This character is the man with the rum shop on the beach on the island near Avey's hotel.

Rosalie Parvay

This character becomes Avey's caretaker while she recovers from the seasickness that afflicted her on the boat ride to the island.

Great Aunt Cuney

This character is the older woman Avey would spend summers with as a child on Tatem Island.

Thomasina Moore

The planner...

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