Praisesong for the Widow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part I: Runagate; Chapters 1-2

• A sixty-four-year-old black woman named Avey Johnson furiously packs her suitcase in the middle of the night as she intends to leave the Caribbean cruise she is on with two friends, Thomasina and Clarice.

• Avey got a sudden urge to leave the cruise and will tell her friends when they awaken.

• Avey's youngest daughter, Marion, had not wanted Avey to go on such a frivolous trip, encouraging Avey to take a trip on which she would learn something.
• Avey's middle daughter, Annawilda, said a trip would be good for Avey to take her mind off the death of her husband, Jerome, last year.

• Avey's friends wake up to discover that Avey is packed and ready to leave the cruise, but nothing they say can make Avey change her mind.

• Avey's plan is to find a hotel on the island and then get a...

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