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Superstitions: Page 1-47

• Sally and Gillian Owens' parents died in a fire and now the girls must go live with their aunts.

• Their aunts pretty much let the girls do what they want.

• The girls are different in nature and appearance but are close which helps since their peers in school will not play with them.

• The townspeople all believe the Owens are witches and though Sally tries to fight back it does not work.

• Though the children make fun of Sally and Gillian most of the mothers have gone to their aunts for love portions.
• Watching the women make fools of themselves for love makes the girls swear to each other to never be ruled by passion.

• One girl, Irene, is warned she might get what she asks for but Irene insists. Later she comes back and says he won't leave his wife.

• The aunts do another...

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