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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Travis get Rachel to move the candlesticks?
(a) He tells her they are evil.
(b) He tells her the incantation won't work.
(c) He tells her they are against Mother Nature.
(d) He tells her Catch will explode.

2. What did the Breeze convince the farmer to do in the caves?
(a) Raise dogs.
(b) Raise bats.
(c) Grow coco plants.
(d) Grow magic mushrooms.

3. What suddenly appears in Nevada?
(a) King's Towers.
(b) King's Gardens.
(c) King's Lake.
(d) King's River.

4. What happens when Augustus and Gian execute their plan?
(a) The traps do not work.
(b) The fireworks do not light.
(c) The explosives do not detonate.
(d) The flour starts on fire.

5. What does Gian do to Effrom?
(a) Turns his body to stone.
(b) Makes him a god.
(c) Kills him.
(d) Gives him life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rivera go at the end of Chapter 33?

2. What does Travis reveal to Augustus as the reason for his leaving the seminary?

3. What does Catch cough up at the beginning of Chapter 19?

4. How does the farmer make money in jail?

5. What happens to Amanda and Travis?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Robert think he is being arrested, and what, in fact, are the actual charges?

2. Summarize the history of the Sacred Caves.

3. Describe Travis and Jennifer's evening after they arrive at her home at the end of Chapter 22.

4. Explain why Augustus lets Travis go.

5. Explain what happens to Effrom in Chapter 35.

6. Explain the plan Howard, Robert, Travis, Augustus, and Gian plan in the Head of the Slug in Chapter 32.

7. How does Gian explain lying about what will happen to Catch, and how does Augustus respond?

8. What does Rivera not report the bullet hole he finds in the Elliott's home?

9. Explain, in detail, why Amanda doesn't tell Effrom she is aware of his smoking and of his watching of women's exercise programs, and what she does to extend his pleasure.

10. What connection does the Nailgun find between the names and dates in Travis' suitcase?

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