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Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 8 "Those Females Who Wreck the Infinite" begins with a quote by whom?

2. Kristeva quotes Celine as saying he is not a man ideas but a man of what?

3. Kristeva says she gets a feeling from reading Celine that she does not get from whom?

4. In what year was Celine's pamphlet "Mea Culpa" published?

5. What does Kristeva call Celine's idea that through violent confrontation, each person is reduced to the same, miserable state?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kristeva say makes literature "abject"?

2. How did Celine use strong women in his works?

3. How does Kristeva say Celine's work represents the division caused by economic inequality?

4. Why would Celine's work not be considered abject when he was actively writing them?

5. How did Celine present very young girls in his works?

6. How does Kristeva say Celine's depictions of females relate to the abject?

7. How does Kristeva say Celine seemed to feel about human identities?

8. What does Kristeva mean when she says Celine's language exhibits a fascination with what might be called "binary" speech?

9. What does Kristeva mean when she says Celine is neither actor nor martyr?

10. How did Celine seem to feel about the French language and the English language?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the way phobias relate to the abject in the book. Where does Kristeva say phobias come from? What are people really afraid of? What do phobias seem to represent, with regard to the abject?

Essay Topic 2

According to Kristeva's essay, what seems to be the purpose of Celine's use of grotesque and crude imagery? What is he trying to show his readers about their nature and about their identity? How does he use these grotesque images to relate man back to the abject?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Celine's views on human suffering and Kristeva's interpretation of this. Why did he believe that to be human is to suffer? How does Kristeva relate this sentiment to the abject? How does she then relate suffering to horror? What does she say man is afraid of? How do these feelings unify people?

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