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Short Answer Questions

1. Kristeva says a person relates to his or her world through what?

2. What does Kristeva call it when a child is in a perfect equilibrium of desire and satisfaction?

3. Whose work does Kristeva look to help explain the relation of impurity and the abject?

4. Who does Kristeva say is considered the spiritual forefather of Christians?

5. What does Kristeva say children begin to develop, upsetting a child's perfect equilibrium of desire and satisfaction?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kristeva point out that Judaism differs from other old world religions in terms of worshiping gods?

2. How does Kristeva says the abject can be expressed?

3. What does Kristeva say is the most plausible interpretation of the laws regarding ritual impurity in the Old Testament?

4. According to traditional beliefs in Christianity, how does Adam's original sin taint human freedoms?

5. How does Kristeva explain phobias?

6. What does it mean when Kristeva says she gives a "phenomenological" account of the abject?

7. How does Kristeva say the Freudian model of the Oedipal triangle flawed?

8. What two ways of relating to the abject does Kristeva says Dostoevsky presents in "The Possessed"?

9. What reason does Kristeva give for why women in the Jewish faith are seen as impure after having children?

10. How does Kristeva say Christianity and Judaism differ in the thoughts of impurity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore Kristeva's use of the the traditional Freudian model of the Oedipal triangle. Why is it the perfect tool to explain the abject? How does she expand upon it? Why does she say it is flawed?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the way phobias relate to the abject in the book. Where does Kristeva say phobias come from? What are people really afraid of? What do phobias seem to represent, with regard to the abject?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the notions of separateness in Jewish ideologies and laws. How did other ancient religions view god? Why does Kristeva say that the notion of uniqueness is what inspires Jewish law? Why, according to Kristeva, do Jews value their uniqueness? In what way do the Jewish laws portray separation? How does this relate to the Jewish views on impurity?

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