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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the priest sends back the guide and the mules, why is the mestizo mockingly concerned.
(a) He thinks the priest should have waited about half an hour.
(b) He must behave as though he thinks the priest will be returning.
(c) He had planned to make his own get away on a mule.
(d) He was counting on selling the mules.

2. Where does the man with the gun take the priest?
(a) To a safe place where there is a church.
(b) To his house down in the valley.
(c) Back to Carmen.
(d) To the police station.

3. What agitates the Yankee while the priest is speaking with him?
(a) He is agitated because he does not trust the mestizo.
(b) He is agitated because the priest will not take his gun or a knife.
(c) He is agitated because he has a gun in his back.
(d) He is agitated because he is not Catholic.

4. What awakens the boy in the middle of the night?
(a) His younger brother who cannot sleep.
(b) A loud knocking at the door.
(c) Bad dreams.
(d) His mother's coughing.

5. As the priest, the mestizo, and the guide head for the Yankee, what do they approach?
(a) An Indian hut village in the distance.
(b) Villagers armed with sticks and stones.
(c) A group of policemen on horseback.
(d) A large chasm they have to cross.

6. What are the weather conditions in the mountains?
(a) There is freezing rain.
(b) It is sunny and cool.
(c) It is dry and hot.
(d) The wind is hurricane force.

7. What does Mr. Lehr not like about the Catholic Church?
(a) The color of the church buildings.
(b) All the rules.
(c) The simplicity of the churches.
(d) The amount of wine they use.

8. What does Mr. Trench see out of the window at the Police chief's office?
(a) The priest being blindfolded.
(b) The boys playing at performing an execution.
(c) A pile of bodies being set on fire.
(d) The execution of the priest.

9. What does the mestizo want from the priest to do?
(a) To give the Mestizo money for not turning him in.
(b) To return to Carmen.
(c) To give the mestizo another mule.
(d) To go to the dying Yankee and give last rites.

10. Why does he believe that Coral is immune from harm if she helps him?
(a) Because she can get her father to do anything.
(b) Because she is so young.
(c) Because she is a foreigner.
(d) Because she is smarter than the lieutenant.

11. What information dismays the priest?
(a) The lieutenant is determined to have all the children see the execution.
(b) He will have to return to the capital to stand trial.
(c) He will suffer a prolonged and agonizing death.
(d) He will be crucified in the plaza of the capital.

12. Why does the mother tell her daughter not to mention the way the priest smelled?
(a) That he was smelly because he had no home in which to take a bath.
(b) That the priest only smelled of the communion wine.
(c) That she only imagined he smelled funny.
(d) That he may now be one of the saints.

13. On his way north, who does the priest meet?
(a) The lieutenant.
(b) A group of red shirts.
(c) The mestizo.
(d) A man carrying a gun.

14. What makes the priest fear the lieutenant will recognize him from Carmen?
(a) The lieutenant asks him a lot of questions.
(b) The lieutenant keeps scratching his head.
(c) The lieutenant stares at him for a long time.
(d) He sees the old photo of himself on the lieutenant's wall.

15. With what knowledge does the priest continue on to the village.
(a) Now he is certain the police are waiting for him there.
(b) He knows he can finally repent but there is no one to absolve him.
(c) He is sure the Yankee is not the American murderer.
(d) He knows that the Yankee is already dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What have Mr. and Mrs. Fellows agreed not to do?

2. What does the priest admit in the prison?

3. What option does the lieutenant offer to the priest?

4. When the priest goes for his guide and his mules, who is there waiting for him?

5. How does the priest get something to eat?

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