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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the priest treated in the village?
(a) With respect, people kneeling and kissing his hand.
(b) Like an outcast.
(c) Like any ordinary citizen.
(d) Like a suspicious stranger.

2. In the village, before seeing the Yankee, for what does the priest wish?
(a) That his luck will hold out one more time.
(b) That he had another bottle of wine.
(c) That God would take him before the police have a chance.
(d) That the police would hurry up and show themselves.

3. What is the priest's response when a man says it is better not to believe in God?
(a) He says the man is probably right, but he cannot change this late in life.
(b) He says that God hears blasphemy whenever it is spoken.
(c) He says the man will change his mind just before he dies.
(d) He asks if they believed the Governor did not exist would they not be in prison?

4. What surprises the lieutenant as they talk inside the hut?
(a) That the priest has a daughter.
(b) That the priest offers him a large bribe to let him go.
(c) That the priest is a whiskey priest.
(d) That the priest has decided to be a martyr.

5. What does the priest admit in the prison?
(a) That the Church has always been wrong.
(b) That he cannot excape death.
(c) That Christianity makes people brave.
(d) That he is a bad priest and a bad man.

6. In spite of the Yankee's protests, what does the priest do?
(a) He pours wine in the Yankee's wounds.
(b) He says a prayer for the Yankee's soul.
(c) He gives the Yankee last rites.
(d) He sits quietly holding the Yankee's hand.

7. What does the priest say he can do even though he himself is bad?
(a) He can teach children how to respect authority.
(b) He can listen to confessions and help people feel better.
(c) He can still put the body and blood of Christ into the poor peoples' mouths.
(d) He can help people when a family member dies.

8. What is the Indian woman searching for in the maize?
(a) Some dried meat she has been saving.
(b) The body of her son.
(c) The jewelry she hid there.
(d) A Bible she hid there.

9. What is it like for the priest in the Mexican prison?
(a) He finds himself in a room filled with murderers.
(b) He notices there is no place to sit.
(c) It is dark and crowded with many different sounds.
(d) It is brightly lit but very crowded.

10. What makes the priest cry as he speaks his confession?
(a) His inability to get absolution.
(b) The thought of his daughter.
(c) His fear of pain.
(d) His hopeless situation.

11. How often is the priest allowed to say mass in the village?
(a) Every day.
(b) A couple of times.
(c) Once a week.
(d) Twice a week.

12. How does the boy react to the man at the door?
(a) He believes he is dreaming.
(b) He learns he is a priest and falls to his knees and kisses his hand.
(c) He slams the door in the man's face.
(d) He threatens to find his friend the lieutenant.

13. Why does the mother tell her daughter not to mention the way the priest smelled?
(a) That she only imagined he smelled funny.
(b) That the priest only smelled of the communion wine.
(c) That he may now be one of the saints.
(d) That he was smelly because he had no home in which to take a bath.

14. Although he believes the mestizo is laying a trap for him, what does the priest do?
(a) He assures Mr. Lehr that he will be all right.
(b) He gives the mestizo all his money.
(c) He holds a gun on the mestizo but goes with him.
(d) He turns and heads for the Yankee.

15. What happens after the priest tries in vain to confess?
(a) He curses himself and God.
(b) He tries to pray but cannt.
(c) He falls asleep and dreams.
(d) He drinks the rest of the brandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What option does the lieutenant offer to the priest?

2. How does the mestizo give himself away?

3. What is the symbolism Greene uses with the priest's card trick?

4. Once in the village, why is the Yankee looking around?

5. What does the lieutenant do after the priest falls dead?

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