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Howard Schultz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which shoe company did Scott Bedbury work at before joining Starbucks?
(a) Nike.
(b) Converse.
(c) Adidas.
(d) Keds.

2. During the disappointing holiday season, how is the design of the packaging changed, making it unacceptable to customers?
(a) Only in design.
(b) Neither in design nor size options.
(c) In design and size options.
(d) Only in size options.

3. How was the store received in Japan?
(a) Crowds lined up around the store.
(b) It had a moderate reception.
(c) No one visited the store at first.
(d) There is no record of the initial reaction to the store.

4. What kind of detractors launch negative claims against Starbucks?
(a) Only individual.
(b) Neither individual nor group.
(c) Only group.
(d) Individual and group.

5. What year does Howard open the first Starbucks store in Japan?
(a) 1996.
(b) 1994.
(c) 1995.
(d) 1997.

6. How does Howard think the obstacles encountered can be solved?
(a) By everyone involved.
(b) By only the store managers.
(c) By only the store employees.
(d) By only the board members.

7. What keeps shoppers away during the worst holiday season in the company's history?
(a) Poor advertising.
(b) Bad weather.
(c) High prices.
(d) Limited parking.

8. What is the profession of Don Valencia, the person that invents a coffee extract?
(a) Chef.
(b) Mathematician.
(c) Chemist.
(d) Biologist.

9. Why does Howard take the risk of allowing people outside of Starbucks to brew and serve their coffee on airplanes?
(a) The chance to reach people who have not tried Starbucks.
(b) The airlines offered a large commission on top of the profits.
(c) The other executives convinced him.
(d) The stockholders of the company made it mandatory.

10. What does Starbucks develop to prevent customer burns and cut down waste?
(a) Ceramic mugs.
(b) Thicker cups.
(c) Cups with handles.
(d) Cardboard sleeves.

11. What was the problem that caused the quality of Starbucks coffee to be lower than expected on United Airlines flights?
(a) The employees were not properly trained.
(b) The airlines were not using the correct equipment.
(c) The coffee was served after sitting for too long.
(d) The shipping of coffee beans was not successful.

12. What does Howard feel Starbucks' competitive advantage is?
(a) The ability to merge with other companies.
(b) The communication provided by store employees.
(c) The communication provided by other coffee companies.
(d) The ability to adjust prices as needed.

13. Throughout the crisis, what do the Starbucks executives remain committed to providing?
(a) The most variety of coffee products in their stores.
(b) The biggest selection of non-coffee products in their stores.
(c) The best quality coffee.
(d) The best prices in the coffee industry.

14. Who approaches Howard with the idea to sell music compilations in Starbucks stores?
(a) Orin Smith.
(b) A store manager.
(c) A record label executive.
(d) Howard Behar.

15. As the CEO of Starbucks, who is Howard's primary responsibility directed towards?
(a) Only customers.
(b) Only customers and shareholders.
(c) Only customers and partners.
(d) Partners, customers, and shareholders.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the interior design department at Starbucks select the decor for stores?

2. Which insect does Vincent Eades use in a metaphor to describe the Starbucks way of doing things?

3. How does Howard initially handle the crisis of a shortage of coffee beans and increased costs?

4. What person is quoted at the very beginning of Chapter 21?

5. When does Starbucks open its first store on the East Coast?

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