Objects & Places from Pour Your Heart Into It

Howard Schultz
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Bayview Housing Projects, Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York

This is where Howard grows up as an underprivileged child during the 1960's.

Northern Michigan University

This is the college that Howard attends on a football scholarship.

Xerox Corporation

This is where Howard takes his first professional sales job in New York.

The Hamptons

This is the group of small towns and beach areas located in Eastern Long Island, New York where Howard meets his future wife while spending a holiday weekend there.


This is where Howard and Sheri live during Howard's employment with Perstorp.

Seattle, Washington

This is the original location of the first Starbucks Coffee stores, and remains home of the Starbucks Corporation today.

Pike Place Market

This is a well-known open market in Seattle and one of the city's main tourist attractions.

Peet's Coffee and Tea

This company is founded by a Dutch coffee roaster, whose stores...

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