Pour Your Heart Into It Fun Activities

Howard Schultz
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Interview with an Entrepreneur

Write out an interview with Howard Schultz, including both the questions and his responses. Use the information in the book to help speculate his answers.

Word Association

Split the class up into pairs for this activity. Have the students read a list of the names, products, business ideas, and events from the book. After each one, their partner will say the first word or words that they think of. They will then reverse positions and compare responses.

The Starbucks Board Game

Create a board game based on the story, Pour Your Heart Into It, and the Starbucks company. Write out what the game would be like, including the objective, rules, tokens, features, and how it would be played.

Invent the Product

Imagine that you were part of the Starbucks creative team in charge of developing new products. Write out a plan for a new...

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