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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Matt tell Marino he met Lori?
(a) He paid a friend to introduce them.
(b) They worked together.
(c) A party.
(d) In class.

2. What does Bill do when Lucy cuts her knuckles on the cheese grater?
(a) Carries her to the sink pretending to be an ambulance.
(b) Stands back awkwardly.
(c) Holds her upside down and tickles her.
(d) Gives her some wine.

3. In the beginning of chapter six what does Scarpetta compare the Forensic Science Bureau to?
(a) Ant colony.
(b) Madhouse.
(c) Beehive.
(d) Prairie dog village.

4. What possible connection does Marino explain he has made recently between Brenda Steppe and Lori Peterson?
(a) Brenda was treated at the ER where Lori worked.
(b) Brenda jogged by Lori's house.
(c) Lori's neice is in Brenda's class.
(d) Both women used the same female doctor.

5. What does Marino say as Scarpetta gets into her car to leave the Peterson's home in chapter one?
(a) See you tomorrow.
(b) Get some sleep, you look like hell.
(c) Thanks for the help.
(d) Drive carefully.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Benton Wesley's job?

2. What does Marino say would happen if people knew him and Scarpetta were riding around together at that moment in chapter eight?

3. What does the laser find of Peterson's body?

4. What does Scarpetta say must have been one of Lori Peterson's most prized instruments?

5. Why does Marino say that there should have been footprints found in Lori Peterson's bathroom where the killer apparently entered?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information can Frank give Scarpetta in chapter six?

2. Describe the differences that Scarpetta talks about between her and the previous medical examiner, Cagney.

3. What is Scarpetta told while in Amburgey's office in chapter six?

4. Describe what Scarpetta is thinking about her sister while in the kitchen with Lucy in chapter seven?

5. In chapter one what does Scarpetta note about the victims?

6. What do Scarpetta and Benton say about Marino after he has left the room in chapter five?

7. Describe the scene in chapter one after Mr. Peterson says he doesn't want everyone looking at his wife in the bedroom?

8. What does Scarpetta know about the glittery substance found on the bodies?

9. What is Scarpetta told happened to their computer system in chapter five?

10. What does Bill Boltz say about the reporter Abby Turnbull in chapter seven?

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