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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Betty and Scarpetta describe the phone calls that have been received with information about the killer?
(a) They are wild goose chases.
(b) A few have potentials.
(c) They don't talk about the phone calls.
(d) As scarce as a yeti.

2. What does Scarpetta say after Marino has driven her to all the women's houses?
(a) They weren't chosen because of their homes's locations.
(b) Their homes are all nice and should bring a nice price.
(c) They all looked secure from the street.
(d) Their homes are as varied as they are.

3. What does the security guard tell Scarpetta about the funeral home when he interrupts her in chapter two?
(a) They can't find the body of Mr. Roberts.
(b) They have been trying to get in for hours.
(c) They have lost their paper work.
(d) They are looking for Lori Peterson.

4. What does Mr. Peterson say he smelled when he walked into his house?
(a) Like candy or fresh fruit.
(b) Something like body odor.
(c) A smell like something bitter or metalic.
(d) A sweet putrid smell.

5. What does Scarpetta say she feels like she will be doing if she goes into Dr. Alvin Amburgey's office without a notepad or something of that nature?
(a) Undressed.
(b) Naive.
(c) Unprepared.
(d) Unshielded.

6. In the beginning of chapter six what does Scarpetta compare the Forensic Science Bureau to?
(a) Beehive.
(b) Prairie dog village.
(c) Madhouse.
(d) Ant colony.

7. Who does Betty say is going to hand deliver the samples from the last two cases to Dr. Glassman?
(a) Marino.
(b) Police Chief.
(c) Benton.
(d) Bo Friend.

8. What does Scarpetta say has never bothered her?
(a) Dead bodies.
(b) The living.
(c) Floating dismembered heads.
(d) Cops.

9. What is Benton Wesley's job?
(a) Chief of police.
(b) Profiler for the FBI.
(c) A detective for a neighboring city police department.
(d) Janitor.

10. Why does Boltz say he didn't warn Scarpetta about the meeting?
(a) He was under orders not to tell.
(b) He didn't want to worry her.
(c) He didn't know.
(d) He was hoping Amburgey would change his mind.

11. In chapter six what does Betty say that the fibers on the knife from the crime scene are consistent with?
(a) Lori Peterson's bed sheets.
(b) Clothing from previous victims.
(c) Lori Peterson's nightgown.
(d) Matt Peterson's jacket.

12. What does Marino say Mr. Peterson does that most people don't do when they find someone they love murdered?
(a) Got quiet.
(b) Gave explicit details.
(c) Made lewd jokes.
(d) Talk on and on about it.

13. What does Mr. Peterson major in at his school?
(a) Psychology.
(b) Literature.
(c) Physics.
(d) Math.

14. What does Scarpetta say is the cruelest form of punishments?
(a) Segregation.
(b) Sexual harassment.
(c) Electrocutions.
(d) Isolation.

15. What does Scarpetta buy for Lucy while she is out getting lunch in chapter five?
(a) A history tutorial for the computer.
(b) A computer game.
(c) A new pair of shoes.
(d) A doll.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scarpetta say the morgue smells like?

2. What does the laser find of Peterson's body?

3. What had they been able to find out about the glittery residue in chapter two?

4. What does Marino say about the killer when Scarpetta asks if he is killing more frequently because of the press?

5. Why does Scarpetta say she doesn't think Mr. Peterson is the killer when Marino asks her about it in chapter four?

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