Postmortem Character Descriptions

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Dr. Kay Scarpetta

This character is the Chief Medical Examiner of Richmond, Virginia. This character is a gourmet chef who relieves stress by spending hours in the kitchen preparing Italian meals. One of this character's biggest struggles is learning to accept help from people.

Sergeant Pete Marino

This character is a career cop who hails from New Jersey. This character is crass and rough around the edges. Although this character has a great deal of experience as well as street smarts, his demeanor often intimidates those he comes in contact with and jeopardizes investigations.

Lucy Farinelli

This character is the ten-year-old niece of the main character. This character is a highly strung girl who is a computer whiz in the making.

Lori Petersen

This character is a thirty-year-old doctor who is the fourth victim in a series of murders.

Matt Petersen

Lucy Petersen's husband.

Mr. Nobody

This is...

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