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Chapter 1

• Scarpetta is awakened with a phone call from Marino telling her about a murder.

• Lori Peterson is a doctor who has been killed in her own bed.

• Scarpetta and Marino find that the only window in the house that the predator tried to open was the one window that was left unlocked.

• When Scarpetta and Marino try to leave they find that reporters are outside.

Chapter 2

• Scarpetta arrives at the ME's office and calls home to check on Lucy feeling guilty for having to cancel her plans with her niece.

• There is a substance that glitters when the laser is shown on it found on Lori Peterson's body, as with the other bodies that have been murdered but Scarpetta doesn't know what this substance is yet.

• Scarpetta notes that the killer is becoming increasingly aggressive and notes that Lori has several broken ribs and broken fingers.

• Scarpetta...

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