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Bayou La Fourche

This place is the main character's intended destination after resigning from the U.S. Post Office.

Dorsey Station

This place serves as the setting for the main character's last assignment as postal clerk.

Oakford Station

This place served as the main character's second assignment as a substitute mail carrier.

Nekalayla Temple

This place is a disgustingly green painted religious institution.

Prell Station

This place is where the main character goes for night special delivery work.

U.S. Civil Service Commission

This government body has its regional headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

U.S. Postal Department

This government institution is the main character's employer on two occasions.

Wently Station

This place has customers that live in very hilly terrain.

West Avon Station

This place was the main character's first assignment as a substitute mail carrier. It had an easygoing superintendent, which makes the main character think...

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