Post Office Character Descriptions

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Henry Chinaski

This person is the novel's narrator, a middle-aged alcoholic, willing to buck any system, void of ambition, yet exhibiting superior intellect and reasoning.

Betty Williams

This person is a well-to-do widow who becomes a common law wife. Her grown children have had nothing to do with her for years.

Parker Anderson

This character is a failed hustler who sleeps in a used car and freshens up at gas stations.

Matthew Battles

This character is arrested for stealing money from mail to the Nekalayla Temple.

Eddie Beaver

This character is a postal worker who explains the production schedule and how the failure to meet the standard means someone else must stick the leftovers at overtime rates.


This character is a common-law wife, a gray-haired antiwar demonstrator, and aspiring writer.

Miss Graves

This character is a 39-year-old, slightly sexy employee in Post Office Personnel.

George Greene


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