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Chapter 1, Parts 1-11

• Henry is hired as a postal worker because he thinks it will be an easy job.
• We learn that Henry and his wife are alcoholics who have drunk their money away.
• The postal worker jobs turns out to be more difficult than Henry thought. He endures horrible weather and dog attacks while on route.
• In one incident, Henry cannot find a mailbox at a church. He finds a side stairway opening and takes a drink of sacramental wine, drops the mail on the priests's robes and uses the toilet. Henry gets written up for being 23 minutes off schedule.
• Henry is disciplined often for being late or not doing things according to policy on his route.

Chapter 1, Parts 12-17

• The Stone's favorite carrier is 15-year veteran Matthew Battles, who is arrested for stealing from the mail in this chapter.
• Henry may become a new favorite because...

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