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Short Answer Questions

1. Who censures Captain Aubrey for allegedly being too punctilious?

2. The term "Post Captain" perhaps originated from the captains assigned a vessel having been _____________________________:

3. Who does Doctor Maturin recommend be dispatched to intercept the Spanish treasure ships carrying the gold bound for Cadiz?

4. Who is about the only person who remains on friendly terms with Maturin following the Doctor's fierce argument with Aubrey over Diana?

5. Which is the best way to label the crew aboard Aubrey's new sea command?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way could Captain Aubrey benefit by pursuing personal gain over duty while in command of the Polychrest?

2. How do the officers and crew on the H.M.S. Lively differ from the officers and crew on the Polychrest?

3. How is Captain Aubrey lauded for his actions and capture of the Fanciulla upon his return to England?

4. What are the differences in the handling of disciplinary matters aboard the H.M.S. Lively, compared to those aboard the Polychrest?

5. Does Admiral Harte's criticism of Aubrey for foregoing duty over personal wealth in the encounter with the Spanish frigate seem to affect the Captain emotionally? Why or why not?

6. What is the Polychrest's ultimate fate?

7. How does Captain Aubrey demonstrate being a true friend to Dr. Maturin despite any differences that he and Doctor Maturin may have had in the past?

8. What is Doctor Maturin's motive in encouraging Sophia to be more forward with Captain Aubrey?

9. How do Captain Aubrey and his crew manage to free the Polychrest after it runs aground?

10. How do Aubrey and Maturin differ on their opinions about the usefulness and feasibility of having bees on board the H.M.S. Lively?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, the friendship between Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin survives despite Aubrey having to tolerate some of Maturin's idiosyncrasies. The captain also enjoys pleasant and quality time with Maturin. Write an essay comparing the amount of pleasant and quality time that the captain spends with the doctor with the amount of time that he spends exercising tolerance toward the doctor's antics. Opine whether or not maintaining the friendship is beneficial to the captain. Support your position with examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

The novel shifts between periods of war and peace. Write an essay focusing on whether you feel that peace or war is more prevalent throughout Post Captain.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay explaining what traits Diana Villiers possesses that make her irresistibly attractive to both Captain Aubrey and Doctor Maturin? What is her purpose in this book?

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