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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the reason that First Lieutenant Parker is disliked by the crew of the Polychrest?
(a) His lack of personal hygiene.
(b) His vanity.
(c) His greediness.
(d) The harsh manner in which he mistreats the working sailors.

2. What is the name of the ship that is instrumental in pulling the Polychrest out of a sandbank after it runs aground?
(a) Fanciulla.
(b) H.M.S.Lively.
(c) H.M.S. Neptune.
(d) H.M.S. Seagull.

3. What type of unwanted guests does Post Captain Aubrey have in his cabin aboard his new sea command?
(a) Bees.
(b) Turtles.
(c) Hamsters.
(d) Ants.

4. What trait do Mrs. Williams and Diana Villiers seem to look for in suitors?
(a) Compatibility.
(b) Honesty.
(c) True love.
(d) Wealth.

5. The Polychrest ends its voyage to the French port by___________________.
(a) Being inspected by Admiralty officers.
(b) Engaging in battle against the French.
(c) Sinking.
(d) Serving as setting for a celebratory dinner party for the crew.

6. What type of ships do Captain Aubrey and the Polychrest encounter in as they began to leave the French port?
(a) Pirate Ships.
(b) Merchant ships.
(c) Battleships.
(d) Tourist Ships.

7. Who is inspired to learn to swim after Aubrey's heroic rescue?
(a) Maturin.
(b) McDonald.
(c) Pullins.
(d) Heinrich.

8. What dots the scenery along the French coast?
(a) Chateaus and schoolhouses.
(b) Farms and wineries.
(c) Fortresses and observation towers.
(d) Chateaus and churches.

9. Who follows Aubrey aboard his new sea command?
(a) Sophia.
(b) Maturin.
(c) Pullings.
(d) Diana.

10. Which ship is Post Captain Aubrey given temporary command of along with his new position?
(a) The Seagull.
(b) The Remington.
(c) The Lively.
(d) The Tempest.

11. Who is saved by Captain Aubrey after falling off the Polychrest's rigging?
(a) Keaton.
(b) Bolton.
(c) Hudgens.
(d) Bates.

12. What subject do Post Captain Aubrey and Doctor Maturin briefly discuss while on board the H.M.S. Lively?
(a) Mrs. Williams.
(b) Sophia.
(c) The H.M.S. Crew.
(d) First Lieutenant Parker.

13. Which navy used the archaic term Post Captain to distinguish an actual rank from an acting position?
(a) German.
(b) French..
(c) United States.
(d) British.

14. Who gives Aubrey's steward foodstuffs to take on board the Polychrest.
(a) Sophia.
(b) Canning.
(c) Cecelia.
(d) Babbington.

15. How many rescues has Captain Aubrey successfully conducted?
(a) 48.
(b) 22.
(c) 39.
(d) 34.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of subject matter do Maturin and MacDonald like to discuss?

2. Who is injured aboard the Polychrest at the same time that Aubrey is injured?

3. What type of dueling pistols does Doctor Maturin borrow from MacDonald?

4. Who is Doctor Maturin in love with throughout Post Captain?

5. Who does Sophia label and caution Maturin about as being a difficult case?

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