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The Bear Suit

Aubrey dons this unbearably hot and constricting object as a disguise and then travels across France with Maturin.


This object is a peculiar insect that Maturin obtains from an associate and then gives it as a present to Sir Joseph Blaine.

Mapes Court

This is the traditional home of the Williams family. Fairly well described in the novel, it is the setting for much of the introductory chapters.

H.M.S. Polychrest

Known colloquially as the "Carpenter's Mistake," this object is bizarre and peculiar and attracts insults from most seamen. Aubrey commands this object in a fierce action against a French ship sheltered in a harbor.

H.M.S. Lively

This is a British frigate commanded by Captain Hammond. It is noted for being fast and good for sailing. During Hammond's absence, the command of this ship is entrusted to Aubrey.

Futtock Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole

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