Post Captain Fun Activities

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Sharing Family Seafaring Stories

Encourage students to share sea stories involving any relative of theirs who may have served at sea and who like Captain Aubrey and Doctor Maturin played any role in any naval battle.

On Board!

Fifteen minutes or so before class session ends, divide class into two sections. Call one student from each section to the blackboard. Assign one side of the board to each one. Set time for three minutes. Have them write the names of as many characters from Post Captain on the board as they possibly can in a three-minute period. Record scores. Have student erase board in preparation for next student contestant. Declare the winner when bell signaling the end of class session rings.

Post Captain Crossword Puzzle

Create a Post Captain-themed crossword puzzle with a 16 x 16 pattern (total of 256 squares). Use the names of characters, places, or ships from the...

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