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Essay Topic 1

Two love triangles take form, become apparent, and last throughout the book. Write an essay detailing examples comprising their competition. Opine who, if anyone, is likely to win at the game of love and explain why.

Essay Topic 2

The novel shifts between periods of war and peace. Write an essay focusing on whether you feel that peace or war is more prevalent throughout Post Captain.

Essay Topic 3

From cover to cover of the book, Mrs. Williams is trying to qualify suitable suitors for her beautiful daughter, Sophia. Her niece, Diana Villiers, meanwhile, is prominently courted by a trio of men from which she eventually makes a selection. Write an essay focusing on which of the women is likely to end up with a more suitable lifetime partner based on their respective techniques in selecting a suitor.

Essay Topic 4

Within a day's time, Captain Jack Aubrey transforms...

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