Post Captain Character Descriptions

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Jack Aubrey

By the conclusion of the novel, this person becomes a post captain without a permanent assignment, but commands the H.M.S. Lively.

Stephen Maturin

In addition to being a physician and scientist, this person is an agent for the naval intelligence service of the Admiralty.

Sophia Williams

Throughout the novel this character thinks constantly of a potential spouse but will not attempt an approach, considering that type of action to be improper.

Diana Villiers

Born in India to influential parents and spending the majority of early childhood there, this character married a fairly mundane English person.

Richard Canning

This character is very wealthy, very influential in the East India Company, meets a potential mate, and is successfully wooed.

Sir Joseph Blain

This character is the head of the Naval Intelligence Office during the period of the novel.

Admiral Harte

A political opponent of the protagonist...

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