Objects & Places from Possession: A Romance

A.S. Byatt
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London Library

This is one of Roland Michell's favorite places and also where he discovers the first two letters that send him on his quest to find out more about a possible affair between Ash and LaMotte.

British Museum

Professor Blackadder's office, which is also called the Ash factory, is located in the lower regions of this place in Bloomsbury, which houses many of Ash's manuscripts, gifts from Ellen Ash.

Val and Roland's Flat

This location between Piccadilly and Putney is in the basement of an old Victorian house. It is painted apricot and white to brighten it up and furnished with used furniture, two desks back to back, makeshift bookshelves made of planks of wood and bricks, and posters on the wall. The end of the room has a window that opens to a beautiful but forbidden garden, and the ceiling smells like cat urine.

Lincoln University

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