Possession: A Romance Fun Activities

A.S. Byatt
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Write Competing Poems by Christabel or Ash

Write two poems, one by Christabel and one by Ash, about the same subject. Reveal Christabel and Ash's unique perspective on the subject through their poems.

Write a Journal Entry by Maia Revealing a Secret

Imagine that as a girl, Maia writes a journal. Write a journal entry by Maia, revealing a secret about her life that no one knows and that's not hinted at in the novel.

Portraits of Christabel and Ash

Make poster portraits of Christabel and Ash, using drawings, or pictures from magazines or the Internet. Include in your portraits significant objects, poses, or other elements, and write a guide explaining the meanings of the significant elements you've included.

Poster for The Fairy Melusine

Imagine that Christabel's poem THE FAIRY MELUSINE has been adapted into a play. Create a poster advertising the play, using both words and pictures...

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